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Morocco’s Visionary Approach to Sports: Showcased at UN on International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

NYC, April 6, 2023, The United Nations showcased King Mohammed VI’s visionary approach to promoting sports on Thursday at its headquarters in New York, on the 10th anniversary of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. Speaking on occasion, Mohamed Amin Zariat, founder and president of the non-governmental organization “TIBU Africa,” highlighted that after the adoption of the new constitution on July 1, 2011, Morocco enshrined the right to sports as an inalienable right for citizens and raised it to a pivotal position in achieving human development. The speaker, a basketball enthusiast and sports advocate, added that the new development model in Morocco aims to make sports a lever for human development, integration, social cohesion, and combating exclusion, and marginalization. Zariat also urged all member states to join the education summit through sports in Africa, scheduled to take place in Morocco from May 25 to 28, 2023, to see firsthand our solutions and programs revolving around education, professional integration, and entrepreneurship for youth and women through sports. He also touched on the role of non-governmental organizations in promoting social integration for youth in society, praising all actors who have contributed to “creating a strong and lasting impact within their communities.”

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