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Uniting African Sports Changemakers at the African Summit of Education through Sport in Casablanca

The stage is set, the anticipation is building, and the vibrant city of Casablanca, Morocco is excited as the highly anticipated summit of the 63 African Sports Changemakers Program approaches.

From 25th to 28th May 2023, this remarkable event will bring together an exceptional group of passionate individuals who are making a significant impact in sports and education across Africa. Let us delve into the enthusiasm and eagerness shared by these selected changemakers as they prepare to attend the event for a transformative networking and learning experience during the African Summit of Education through sports.

A Global Gathering of Visionaries: The 63 African Sports Changemakers Program has selected exceptional individuals from across the African continent who are driving change through the powerful combination of sports and education programs in their communities. This remarkable initiative aims to identify, support, and celebrate the efforts of these changemakers who are using sports as a tool to enhance education, foster youth development, promote social inclusion, and transform communities.

  • Tunisia –  Houssem Sellami – I am very excited to attend the summit of education through sport in Casablanca, Morocco because it has always been my dream to make a difference in the sports world. The fact of being a social and sports entrepreneur is what drives me to combine passion and creativity to create a change in the world.
  • Burundi – Kathia Gretta Iradukunda – I do not doubt the transformative potential of sport, which is why I look forward to discovering and learning from other social and sports entrepreneurs who will be present at the second edition of the Summit on Education through Sport.
  • Cameroon – celine ndoungo – I have always been passionate about basketball since I was a little girl, and at the same time I was committed to donating to orphanages every year with a group of friends. Now I’m excited to be part of such an exciting adventure, which will later allow young girls to develop life skills through sports, especially Basketball. Being able to work doing what you love most is every young entrepreneur’s dream. I can’t wait to start this journey of being part of the 2nd edition of the Summit of Education through Sport in Casablanca, Morocco.
  • Togo –  kokou adanlessossi – I am looking forward to participating in this significant continental event of education through sport in Casablanca, Morocco in order to expand my knowledge of the sport for development and give back more to my entire community back in Togo I am convinced through my passion of sport we can contribute to the change in the world.
  • Morocco – Ayoub Aatris – I am very excited to welcome the changemakers in my home country #Morocco. Having a diverse group will help us learn more about the best practices in social and sports #entrepreneurship along with the rich program of the African Summit of Education through Sport.
  • Burkina Faso – Abdelkarim Zoeregre – It is my pleasure to be part of the 63 African Sports Changemakers Program and its goal of empowering young African entrepreneurs in creating more impact in our communities using sports programs. I’m very thrilled to attend the African Summit of Education through Sport in Casablanca, Morocco because it is a great opportunity for me and my peers to exchange, share knowledge and learn more from speakers present at the summit. Thank you Tibu Africa for this opportunity.
  • Zambia – Paul Zulu – I have played football as a goalkeeper. I realized that I could use football to teach under privilege youths about issues that affect them. The main barrier to empowering girls in Zambia has been quality education and access to entrepreneurship. To respond to this need I designed Girls Money Savvy through football to teach girls about financial literacy and entrepreneurship. The project is reaching over 3700. The initiative is to end intergenerational poverty among girls through soccer. I am very excited to attend the African Summit of Education through Sports because I will have an opportunity to learn and share with the changemakers and the rest of the sports community in Africa.

Attending the summit of education through sport in Casablanca will also feature an impressive lineup of experts, educators, and industry leaders who will impart their knowledge and experiences to the selected changemakers. These esteemed individuals bring a wealth of expertise and insights, offering invaluable guidance to further enhance the impact of the changemakers’ initiatives. From keynote speeches to breakout sessions, the summit will serve as a hub of transformative education, empowering participants to refine their strategies and drive even greater change within their respective communities.





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