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Tibu Africa is an NGO that uses the power of sport to design social and innovative solutions in the field of education, empowerment, and socio-economic inclusion of youth and women through sport in Africa.
As a leading organization in the education and integration of young people through sport in Africa with a wide international presence in the following countries: Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, and Ivory Coast to achieve its vision to become the locomotive of sport for development in Africa by 2030, Tibu Africa is committed to contributing to the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and sees them as an opportunity to position sport as a powerful tool to design innovative solutions to the complexity of 21st-century challenges.

About US

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Sport is a powerful tool that can be used to promote sustainable development in Africa. The United Nations and the African Union have recognized the importance of sport in achieving their respective development goals by including it as a key component in their 2030 Agenda and 2063 Agenda, respectively. Sport can be used to address a range of sustainable development challenges, from promoting health and well-being to advancing gender equality and reducing poverty. Through sports, individuals and communities can develop skills, build networks, and increase their resilience, which can contribute to achieving sustainable development goals. Creating solutions through sport can also foster collaboration between governments, civil society, and the private sector, and mobilize resources to support sustainable development efforts. By leveraging the power of sport, we can support the sustainable development goals in Africa and accelerate progress toward a more prosperous and equitable future.


Tibu Africa is using sport to create positive social change in Africa. Through our 63 African Sports Changemakers Program, Tibu Africa is supporting the sustainable development goals of the United Nations and the African Union’s 2063 Agenda. The program trains and empowers young people in Africa to become sports changemakers and use sports as a tool for development in their communities.

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